The Competition

Towards reviving the sporting excellence among La Sallian schools

A Brief Background

The Inter La Salle Games was an annual sports programme involving the La Salle schools in the Klang Valley during the 1970s through to the late 1980s.

The programme was staged primarily to nurture and identify young talents that can be recruited for the respective school’s mainstream Under-15 and Under-18 teams that participated in the district and state level tournaments. The Games were limited by age group to Under-14 – hence an effective feeder programme.

The event is being organised by the De La Salle Brothers and the Malaysian Federation of Lasallian Associations (MFOLSA) as part of the initiatives to revitalize our Lasallian schools.

The Organisers intend to revive this unique sporting tradition, within a current regulatory environment that is seen to be friendlier to the idea of La Salle schools being allowed to run special programmes under the auspices of the School Boards and Alumni Associations.

Reviving the Culture of Sports

To revive the culture of sporting excellence among La Salle schools, towards reinstating our brother schools as sports champions.

Importance of Holistic Education

Affirming the importance of holistic education, which has been the hallmark of La Salle schools, where equal emphasis is given to co-curriculum and academic development.

Building the bridges

Building the bridges – whereby the competitive environment will nurture a stronger bond among all stakeholders of La Salle schools; its students, its teachers as well as their alumni.

Competition Format

  • The La Salle Games will be limited by age-group. The participating students in each Team must be a registered student in the school, and also must be below the age of 14 years on 31st December 2018. This is consistent with our goal of nurturing young talent for the main school teams of the U-15 and U-18 age category that will participate in the MSSM events.
  • While this is a Friendship Games aimed at enhancing the spirit of camaraderie among our Lasallian schools, particularly this will build stronger bonds among out students, teachers as well as the alumni, the Organisers also envisage that the inherent spirit of competitiveness in sports will enable our boys to enhance their fitness, skills and overall health as they bid to be selected for their respective school teams and also ensure victory or the best performance for their teams at the La Salle Games.
  • Each participating School must determine which of the 6 sports they will register teams to participate. Each sport will have its winning trophy and medals. Additionally, each sport will also carry competition points and the aggregated score of each Team in all the 6 sports will determine the Overall La Salle Games Champion.
  • All team registrations must be submitted by Thursday 31st May 2018. Registration Forms will be available from the Secretariat from 7th May 2018.
  • All field and court / table events will be consideration of either round-robin or knockout formats.
  • The Road Run will be staged over a 1.2 mile street course around the residential neighbourhood of La Salle PJ. To be run as a relay of 4 runners for each team.


  • The Hockey competition will be held at the PJ Hockey Stadium (artificial turf) in Jalan Selangor, PJ. Organisers will arrange for shuttle bus of teams from LSPJ to the Hockey stadium, which is a 15 minute drive.
  • The Organising Committee will develop a comprehensive technical agenda for each sport.
  • Each Team will register a Teacher-in-Charge, who will be the primary Liaison between the School and Secretariat. Additionally, each Team will register one Coach and one Assistant Coach for each sport that the School is participating in.
  • Each School is responsible for transportation to and from La Salle PJ. Liquid refreshments as well as Lunch and Food snacks will only be provided for registered Team members including Liaison officer as well as Coaches and Asst Coaches.
  • Each School is required to arrange for their respective Team jersey.